Two Heads

Two heads painted in a two day span.

2 Heads • © 2016, Milo Dlouhy All Rights Reserved

Two heads are better than one. 
One head is as good as none.

NOTE: If you are your mind, what choice do you have? 
None. You're not even there.

leonardo head old man profileThese are two details of a much larger work. The heads were painted over a span of two days. Oil on canvas and oil on linen. Pressed together in various intervals. 

At one point the heads began to disapear and blend into one another. Real discomfort, however imagined, took over me and I started to search franticly for the image source. Was in an apple? Was it a clock? It took three hours to remember it was likely Leonardo da Vinci's Head of an Old Man in Profile.

Facing to the right means future;
Facing to the left means past. 

Facing one agains the other;
Makes the middle deep and vast.